Ready to attend ONA13

Seen on a walking exploration of downtown Atlanta Wednesday night.

Seen on a walking exploration of downtown Atlanta Wednesday night.

I’ve arrived in Atlanta to attend my first ONA conference and I’m very excited. This year there seems to be a big emphasis on data journalism and alternative storytelling methods — both of which are on the top of my list for personal goals.

I plan to post a summary of the lessons I learn at the conference, but I’ve also created a blog to share with my fellow delegates of the EW Scripps company. Hopefully it can serve as place of collaboration, allowing each of us to learn more than any single person could on their own.

To start that blog off, I thought of three things I’d like to get answered during this conference.

  1. How have the best organizations managed the discordant duo of the immediacy of digital journalism and in-depth storytelling of the BIG-J variety?
  2. I (we?) typically think about journalism with true depth on the WWW and journalism for “snacking” consumers on the apps. Has anyone got good plans for putting in-depth investigative journalism onto mobile devices?
  3. Big data seems to be a (fascinating) big theme in the journalism world, the ONA conference and all of the IRE publications I keep getting. How can I get a start on those journalism tools, and on creative presentations for the resulting data?

However, the most important thing overall is to hear ideas and meet people that challenge my standard approaches to my work.

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